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R U OK Day 2021 Australia

Are you sinking into a quagmire of binge-watching and couch-dwelling? Concerned about how much screen time your kids are getting? Looking for a way to help a struggling friend? It’s time to reset your brain, rekindle your creativity, and rediscover fun with Hobbyco!

Not only are our puzzles, games, model kits and LEGO the perfect antidote to the realities of life in a pandemic – they also deliver HUGE benefits for mental health, creativity, focus. problem-solving skills and more.

And did we mention the fun??!

Puzzle Power

According to the World Health Organization, the biggest psychological impact of the pandemic is increased rates of stress and anxiety. But with limited access to our usual means of decompressing – such as seeing our friends, taking a holiday, shopping or seeing a movie – we need to look closer to home for our stress relief. And there’s no better way to fight the pandemic fog than with puzzles.

The mental health benefits of puzzles are (excuse the pun) mind-boggling. They increase our brain’s ability to produce dopamine, a feel-good chemical that improves concentration, memory and motivation. They encourage everyday mindfulness and promote relaxation – and they’re a great distraction from those screens! So next time you’re feeling down-and-out, do your mental health a favour and reach for a puzzle.